Septemebr 17th – Dr. Calilung – Stem Cell

Stem Cell and exosome-based therapeutic applications in the craniofacial and dental field.

Dr. Calilung has been using stem cells and exosomes clinically in his dental practice since 2017.

Exosomes are a derivative of stem cells and are also secreted by many types of cells and modulate biofunctions by conveying unique signals obtained from their parental cells to recipient cells.

Exosomes function as a novel and potentially therapeutic tool for regenerating the craniofacial bone, the temporomandibular joint, the skin, the periodontium, and the dental pulp.

Dr. Calilung has been helpful providing dental support to those patients experiencing dental complications from their medical health. Cancer, stroke, diabetic and heart disease patients are but a few of the patients that are helped with the use of stem cells and exosomes in a dental environment.

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